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Anonymous petitioners have written to the Central Bank of Kenya governor over Michael Kimeu, a banker who has been linked to several dubious deals in the recent past.

According to the petitioners, they are concerned that people who have been sacked in their previous postings are still working in the Banking Industry, risking Kenyan’s hard-earned money.

The petitioners have demanded the immediate sacking of Michael Kimeu from the Qatar National Bank where he is the head of risk.

Mr Kimeu- Photo- Courtsey

According to the letter that has been seen by the Nairobi Journal, Mr Michael Kimeu was sacked from Cooperative bank over fraud and was also sacked from the Chase bank over insider fraud that saw many customers lose their money and the imminent collapse of the now acquired bank.

Mr Kimeu, according to the petitioners, has an active assault case, that he bribed authorities to ignore despite the seriousness of the matter.

At Qatar National Bank, where he now heads the risk department, Mr. Kimeu has been accused of harassing staff and even doing shoddy work that exposes him as a poor worker.

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