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Disgraced Banda Homes Director Andrew Kamau

Renowned real estate conman Andrew Kamau of Banda Homes and his crooked lieutenants nearly received a beating of their life after angry investors who have grown tired of his arrogance, lies and threats finally decided to face him off.

According to a witness who spoke to anonymously spoke to the nairobijournal.com, trouble began during a meeting where Banda Homes, through their Director Andrew Kamau, invited investors to sign an undefined Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) only for him to show up and claim he was no longer interested in the said MOU since the aggrieved financiers of the numerous failed projects had apparently filed a case with the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI).

When Andrew Kamau was exposed on TV recently, he called an investors’ meeting and promised that he would have all houses in Maple Ridge brought to ‘ring beam level’ by the time of the meeting but this was clearly a lie.

“As of yesterday (July 4th 2020) this was not done yet,” she revealed.

As the meeting progressed, things got heated and before he knew it, Andrew Kamau was cornered with tough questions which he was unable to answer.

Left out of options, he unsuccessfully attempted to leave the meeting but some members held onto him and pinned him to the ground.

“Some old investors had to quickly jump in and save Andrew Kamau and his co-directors from a thorough beating,” she adds.

Attached to the anonymous mail were several audio clips recorded from the botched “reunion” which turned ugly.

Banda Homes Investors’ Meeting 1
Banda Homes Investors’ Meeting 2
Banda Homes Investors’ Meeting 3
Banda Homes Investors’ Meeting 4

In May, a united group of homebuyers sued the Kenyan real estate company after it failed to deliver housing projects launched over two years ago despite receiving payments amounting to up to Sh4 billion.

The buyers, including Kenyans in the US and other foreign countries, paid Sh3.9 million each for the homes through off-plan agreements.

The 1,000 housing units were being put up in Oak Park Estate, Rosewood Estate, and Pinewood Estate β€” all along Kenyatta Road off Thika Superhighway.

But the construction of the houses has stalled over two years after the project started, with the developer Andrew Kamau attributing it to ‘delayed payments’ among other ridiculous reasons.

Another photo of Banda Homes Director Andrew Kamau just because the crook had his mask on in the previous image

β€œIt is true that we have experienced delays because of various reasons (among them being) late payments from clients. We also underestimated the amount of work that we were going to put into those projects. We are actually pushing all our projects on the remaining works by a further six to eight months,” Banda Homes founder and Director Andrew Kamau told Citizen TV back then.

The company also blamed the COVID-19 pandemic for the delay yet the deadline for most of the projects elapsed around mid-2019, months before the disease broke out in Kenya.

As of the publishing of this post, not a single homebuyer has been handed their units, with structures lying unfinished with no signs of completion any time soon.

Last year, Banda Homes handed over one of its projects located at Ridge Two estate. The houses, however, were given to their owners before they were completed.

The cabros that pave the driveway are already cracking as a result of poor workmanship.

Not to mention the houses were handed over without water and electricity connections; no sewer system either.

Mr Kamau has continually claimed that some of those questioning his firm have not completed payments for their houses but his claims have recently turned into hot air since many of the home buyers, including the one that wrote to us, keep producing receipts that prove that they have completed the payments.

A good number of those who have invested in these projects are Kenyans in the diaspora who rely on their relatives to push for the completion of the houses.

Some have been hoping that the units will be completed in time before they return to Kenya to settle down but as things stand, that remains just a dream.