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Onesmus Makau, Employment and Labor Relations Judge

Justice Onesmus Makau has been accused by KCB staff of deliberately making rulings in favour of the bank’s CEO Joshua Oigara.

CB Employees went to court to fight Oigara’s retrogressive policies.

Judge Makau was later bribed to force reconciliation but later went underground after we run an expose against him.

This exposes a sad situation, where the rich can buy justice, at the expense of the poor, as chief Justice David Maraga struggles to preach to Kenyans that the Judiciary is very clean and those criticizing the judiciary should be arrested!

On 7th Sep 2018, KCB Kenya employees woke up to a rude shock that their much eagerly awaited balanced scorecard CAUSE NO 1619 of 2017 has collapsed without a single mention or hearing.

It is curious to note that this single case has in a record time of one year has been handled by 4 different judges; the case has moved from justice Wasilwa to Makau to Abuodha and finally to Maureen Onyango who issued final orders. This only should have made the Judicial service commission (JSC) probe this case but bribes always speak!

Mr. Kubai BIFU-Kenya Secretary General made KCB staff believe that Justice Wasilwa would handle the case to the full conclusion only to collude with KCB Management to push the case to a friendly judge justice Maureen Onyango in the absence of justice Wasilwa who had earlier declined their application.

KCB had appealed justices Wasilwa’s ruling at the court of appeal and a mention was slated for the 26th Sep 2018. It still unknown how they moved back to the Labour court without getting a direction from the court of appeal.

It is rumoured that a meeting took place in a city hotel between Mr. Kubai and KCB management where the deal was sealed through a cheque of Sh5 million.